Raashan Ahmad – Ease On Back (“Due Dilla-Gence” Remix)

We’d been wanting to do something with our friend Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers, International B-Boy Extraordinaire) for sometime. So when he hit up Jay and told him he’d been feeling the new record Stay Sharp so much that he recorded a remix of his track “Ease On Back” over our own “Due Dilla-Gence”… needless to say we were amped! Available for free download.

Stay Sharp

Higher Hands released “Stay Sharp” in November 2012, the band’s highly anticipated, second full-length album. “Stay Sharp” has a full roster of notable guest players lighting up its 12 tracks, adding depth and new dimension to the band’s original compositions. From the opening Hip-Hop crunch of “Re-Introduction” to the closing Go-Go groove of “Blow It Out”, Higher Hands manages to touch on serious Funk, Jazz, and Afrobeat in between while never losing a cohesive feel. No easy task, but the band has truly created a signature sound on “Stay Sharp” which is further evidenced in their live show.

latest studio album stay sharp available now!

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